Data Exports & Sync

Data Exports & Sync


Note: Data Exports & Sync is only available for accounts with Business Plan.

Export & Sync to Google Sheet

Step 1: Create a sheet

  • Create a new sheet (click:
  • Invite as an Editor.

Step 2: Enable Data Sync

  • Enable the export task
  • Enter the spreadsheet URL
  • Click “Test” to see if the setup is working.
  • Click “Run Now”, then wait for it to complete.
  • Verify that the data looks good in the sheet.
  • Click Close.

From now, the task will run every 1 hour.

Example output


Export raw JSON/CSV with API

Use these URLs:

  • JSON:{TEAM_ID}/tweets?key={API_KEY}&format=json
  • CSV:{TEAM_ID}/tweets?key={API_KEY}&format=csv

Your {TEAM_ID} and {API_KEY} can be found in

Visit API Documentations for more details on how to use the APIs.